Duke University, Durham North Carolina
Majored in Biology & Chemistry-
Worked in Cancer Research Unit, Duke University Hospital

Jacksonville University, Jacksonville, Florida
Majored in Biology & Chemistry
President and Founder, Environmental Action Group

Professional Experience

President-  Lynn Griffith- Tropical Plant and Soil Expert                       2013-Present

Owner of A&L Southern Agricultural Laboratories, LLC                        1985- 2013
A&L is the oldest and largest agricultural testing and consulting firm in Florida. A&L Southern is part of the largest chain of agricultural test labs in the United States, with offices nationwide. A&L Southern provides testing and consulting services to an active customer list of12,000 agriculture-related companies in Florida, the Caribbean, Central and South America, and worldwide. I have personally and regularly consulted for the clients in 28 countries around the world.

Technical Field Representative                                                                 1980- 1985
A&L Southern Agricultural Laboratories, Inc. Ft. Lauderdale FL

Prior to 1980
• Landscape Maintenance Foreman- Del-Aire Golf Club- Delray Beach, FL
• Head Nursery Grower & Foreman- Delray Nursery & Landscaping- Delray Beach, FL
• Head Nursery Grower & Foreman- Gold Hill Nursery- Delray Beach, FL
• Laboratory Supervisor (3 years)- Florida Department of Agriculture- Davie, FL

Technical Publications

Partial list below. Full list available upon request.


Partial List of Technical Publications

By Lynn P. Griffith, Jr.


  • The Grower’s Guide to Tropical Foliage Plants– Ball Publishing, June 1997
  • Tropical Foliage Disorders– Ball Publishing, January 2002
  • Tropical Foliage Plants– A Grower’s Guide, Second Edition- Ball Publishing, 2007

Grower Information/Specific Crop Info

  1. “Bob Hartman Talks About Tissue Culture Possibilities & Realities”- Florists, 1982
  2. “Mist Propagation of Cuttings”- Florida Nurseryman, 1982
  3. “Common Problems with Aglaonemas”- Florida Nurseryman, Sept. 1982
  4. “Areca Palm Production”- Florida Nurseryman, Jan. 1983
  5. “Growing Chamaedoreas”- Florida Nurseryman, Sept. 1983
  6. “Goldcrest Cupressus”- Florist’s Review, 1983
  7. “Tips on Growing Dracaena ‘Massangeana’ Cane”- Florida Nurseryman, 1983
  8. “Flowering Foliage: What’s New and Different”- Florists Review, June 1983
  9. “Flowering Foliage: Bridging the Gap”- Florists Review, June 1983
  10. “Growing Gerbera Daisies”- Florida Nurseryman, April 1983
  11. “Heliconia and Ginger: Cut Flowers with a Future”- Florist’s Review, Aug. 1984
  12. “The New Hybrid Philodendron”- Florists Review, Oct. 1983
  13. “Spathiphyllum- The Peace Lily”- Florida Nurseryman, Aug. 1983
  14. “Fine Tuning Your Aglaonema Production”- Grower Talks, Aug. 1996
  15. “Bacterial Disease Outbreak Threatens Aglaonema Crops”- Growers Talks, Nov. 1996
  16. “Ten Common Grower Misconceptions”- Grower Talks, Oct. 1998
  17. “Ten More Grower Misconceptions”- Grower Talks, Jan. 2000
  18. “Torenia Takes the Heat”- Grower Talks, June 2000
  19. Greenhouse Ferns Made Easy”- Grower Talks, Aug. 2000
  20. ‘Ten Great Ways to Screw Up a Crop”- Grower Talks, Oct. 2000
  21. “Z Toughest Foliage Plant”- Grower
  22. “Five Tips For Better Spath”- Grower Talks, Jan. 2006

Insecticide/Disease/ Pesticides

  1. “Mavrik Aquaflow, Tri-Gard, Avermectin”- Florida Nurseryman, 1984
  2. “The Return of Zectran”- Florist’s Review, Dec. 1983
  3. “Focus on Fungicides”- Florida Nurseryman, Jan. 1984
  4. “Aliette, A Different Kind of Fungicide”- Florist’s Review, June 1984
  5. “New Agricultural Chemicals Readied for Release”- Florida Nurseryman, July 1984
  6. “What’s New in Chemicals”- Florist’s Review, Nov. 1984
  7. “Pesticide Poisoning- Two Case Histories”- The Florida Green, 1985
  8. “Curvularia in Florida Greens”- The Florida Green, 1984
  9. “Controlling Cane Borers and Leaf Spots”- Interior Landscape Industry, Dec. 1984
  10. “Beware of Ambrosia Beetles” – Florida Nurseryman, April 1982
  11. “Preventing and Controlling Cylindrocladium on Spathiphyllum”- Florida Nurseryman, March 1984
  12. “Controlling Plant Diseases- Diagnose the Problem”- Florida Nurseryman, Dec. 1982
  13. “Heal Thy Plants”- Interior Landscape Industry, 1984
  14. Disease of Snapdragons and Their Control”- Florida Ornamental Grower Association, Jan. 1985
  15. “Evaluation of Antitranspirants for Cold Protection in the Nursery Proc.”- Florida State Horticultural Society, 99: 1986
  16. “Understanding Phytotoxicity”- Landscape & Nursery Digest, July 1995
  17. “Update From The Field”- Grower Talks, Nov. 1999
  18. “Humidity: Blessing or Burden”- Grower Talks, June 2001
  19. “Understanding Soil Borne Diseases”- Interior Business, March/April 2005
  20. “Plant Disease 101”- Interior Business, Feb. 2004
  21. “Aglaonema Bronzing”- Grower Talks, Jan. 2005
  22. “Chilli Thrips”- Grower Talks, Feb. 2006

Water Quality/Watering Practices

  1. “Water Quality on the Golf Course”- The Florida Green, 1984
  2. “Water Quality in the Nursery”- Florida Nurseryman, 1983
  3. “The Overwatering Paradox”- Interior Landscape Industry, 1983
  4. “Watering Interior Plants”- Florida Nurseryman, Feb. 1984
  5. “The Effect of Water Quality on Potting Soil pH”- Landscape & Nursery Digest, Jan.1996
  6. “Humidity-Blessing or Burden” – Grower Talks, June 2001
  7. “Water Quality 101”- Grower Talks, Sept. 2002

Soils and Fertilizers

  1. “Nutritional Content of Common Potting Soils”- Florida Nurseryman, May 1982
  2. “Nutrients: Mixing and Matching”- Florida Nurseryman, May 1984
  3. “Physical Measurement of Soils”- The Florida Green, June 1984
  4. “Physical Measurements of Potting Soils”- Florida Nurseryman, June 1984
  5. “Foliar Absorption of Nutrients”- Ornamental Outlook, Dec. 2000
  6. “Media: Below the Surface”- Floraculture International, March 2001
  7. “Is There Arsenic in Mulch?”- Grower Talks, Dec. 2003
  8. “Soil Testing- Why?”- Zone 10, March 2004
  9. “Potting Media Industry Faces New Challenges”- Grower Talks, May 2007

 Laboratory Information/ Miscellaneous

  1. “Under Analysis”- Florists Review, 1983
  2. “How to Use a pH Meter”- Florida Nurseryman, March 1985
  3. “Foliar Absorption of Nutrients”- Florida Nurseryman, March 1983
  4. “Leaf Diagnosis: A Diagnostic Tool”- Florida Nurseryman, Aug. 1982
  5. “Southern Survivor”- Florist’s Review, Nov. 1984
  6. “Sources of ‘Hard to Come By’ Nursery Information”- Florida Nurseryman, 1983
  7. “On Hiring a Grower”- Florida Nurseryman, July 1983
  8. “Considering a Consultant”- Florida Nurseryman, July 1982
  9. “Population and the Nursery Industry”- The Green Page, 1985
  10. “Measuring your MMHOS”- Florida Nurseryman, April 1985
  11. “Effects of Plants on Indoor Air Quality”- Indoor Air Quality, 2004
  12. “The Use of GPS on Golf Courses”- Superintendent Magazine, 2005
  13. “Foliage Industry Outlook”- Grower Talks, 2006
Professional Speaking Engagements

I’ve given technical speeches, lectures and seminars to agricultural firms, societies and associations regularly since 1982, averaging 12-15 talks per year throughout the US and around the world. Technical Seminars include:

  • The OFA Short Course (five times)
  • Pennsylvania Floral Industry Association
  • American Hemerocallis Society (three times)
  • Landscape Ontario Interiorscape Symposium (two times)
  • Ag Export in Guatemala
  • South Florida Community College (six times)
  • Chesapeake Green Maryland
  • Maryland Nursery and Landscape Association
  • Lower Cape Cod Rose Society
  • Greenhouse Experience- Cleveland
  • Mid Atlantic Interior Landscape Conference (seven times)
  • Fersan- Domincan Republic
  • Helena Chemical Company
  • Pro Source One
  • Central Florida Rose Society (two times)
  • American Rose Society National Meeting (two times)
  • Palm Beach Rose Society
  • Professional Landscape Management Course (seven times)
  • National Tropical Foliage Short Course (three times)
  • 2005 Herb Conference- Mexico
  • Florida State Horticulture Society (three times)
  • Florida Chapter- International Society of Arboriculture (two times)
  • Great Southern Tree Conference
  • Florida Nurserymen and Grower’s Association (four times)
  • South Carolina Rose Society
  • Las Vegas Rose Society
  • Chicago Rose Society
  • National Arborists Association National Meeting
  • International Agronomy Seminar- Costa Rica
  • El Salvador Nursery Association
  • Charlotte Rose Society
  • Great Southern Tree Conference
  • Interior Business Conference and Trade Show
  • Florida Turfgrass Association (four times)
  • International Plug and Cutting Conference
  • Dade Country Golf Course Superintendent’s Association (twice)
  • Landscape Inspector’s Association of Florida (five times)
  • Tree’s Florida Conference
  • Willoway Gardens Ohio (five times)
  • Northern Ohio Greenhouse Growers
  • Long Island Nursery Association
  • Bailey Nurseries- Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • Connecticut Nursery Association
  • Hulett Environmental Services
  • Pro Tek Pest Control (five times )
  • California Interior Plantscape Association (four times)
  • Gardens By the Bay- Singapore
  • Fairchild Tropical Gardens
  • Harrell’s National Sales Meeting 2016 (twice)
  • Virginia Nursery Association
  • Dallas, Texas Private Event
  • Gardens by the Bay, Singapore
  • Cultivate, Columbus, Ohio
  • Hulett, West Palm Beach, Florida
  • Harrell’s, Lakeland, Florida
  • Landscape Inspectors Association of Florida, Sunrise, Florida (Four Times)
  • Willoway, Avon, Ohio
  • International Society of Arborists, Florida
  • Harrell’s, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida (Twice)
  • Wisconsin Nursery Association
  • Central Florida Sports Turf Managers Association, Orlando, Florida
  • San Jose, Costa Rica, Coffee Fertilization
  • Managua, Nicaragua, Coffee and Sugarcane
  • Guadalajara, Mexico, Coffee Fertilization
  • Harrell’s, Orlando, Florida
  • Flowerwood, South Alabama
  • Central Florida Sports Turf Managers Association, Melbourne, Florida
  • Harrell’s, Watsonville, California
  • Winfield United, Fort Myers, Florida
  • Winfield United, Delray Beach, Florida
  • Curaleaf, Hartford, Connecticut
  • 3360 Condominium, Palm Beach, Florida
  • Florida Fertilizer and Agri-chemical Association, Clearwater, Florida
Additional Experience and Areas of Expertise

Expert Witness Testimony:

Have provided expert witness testimony in agricultural and horticultural cases approximately 200 times, including 18 times in State or Federal Court. (Partial list available)

Areas of Expertise:

  • Soil Plant and water analysis
  • Plant Nutrition
  • Agronomy
  • Water Quality
  • Pest and Disease Control
  • Plant Physiology

Certified Crop Advisor in Florida and throughout the US

Certified by the American Society of Agronomy

I give seminars twice a year to other local CCAs so they may earn CEUs and retain certification.

Professional Associations
  • Florida Nursery Landscape and Growers Association
  • Florida Foliage Association
  • Florida Turfgrass Producers Association
  • Florida Turfgrass Association
  • Ohio Florist’s Association
  • Palm Beach Wholesale Growers Association
  • Florida State Horticulture Society

Palm Beach Junior College- “Diagnosing Plant Pathogens” August- October 1986

Broward Community College- “Plant Pest Control 2003”- Spring 1988


Advisor to Senator Bob Graham- “Caribbean Basin Initiative Policy” 1989- 1990

Consulting Clients: Included among the thousands of consulting clients are: professional arborists, theme parks, sports stadiums, landscape companies, fertilizer dealers, potting soil companies, international resorts and developments, farms, nurseries, celebrity residences, and other consultants.