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Soil plant and water analysis

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Water quality

Plant Virus Diseases

With all of the talk about the Zika virus these days, I thought I would do a brief blog about understanding plant virus diseases. Viruses are among the most primitive forms of life. Basically, what they are is a piece of DNA or RNA, usually surrounded by a coat of...
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Media-Fertilizer Interactions

We all know that soil and fertilizer are interrelated. Potting media and fertilizer are also interrelated, both chemically and physically. The performance of one affects the performance of the other. Not infrequently, when I see situations where nursery crops are not...
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Heat Stress in Plants

Hot enough for you? Well, it's August, and most of the country seems to be dealing with unusually high temperatures, south to north and east to west. Plants of course are "cold blooded", meaning they can do little to regulate their temperatures. It is known that plant...
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