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International Industry Leader

Lynn Griffith

Tropical Plant and Soil Expert

Lynn is an expert in the industry, as well as hands-on consultant and has been a star class speaker for many facets of the industry from Day Lilies to Palm Trees to farms or anything or anywhere you can think of!

Soil Plant and Water Analysis

Plant Nutrition

Pest and Disease Control

Water Quality


“Lynn is one of the best in the industry and has earned our trust and respect.”

Matt, Vice President

Blog Posts

Patch Diseases of St. Augustine Turf

I get a lot of calls from PCOs, golf courses and homeowners about patch diseases in turf. These diseases tend to happen suddenly, seemingly overnight, where normal looking turf suddenly browns out and becomes quite ugly. The pest control company may have done...

The Sulfate Debate

In the last 30 days, I have had conversations with three different industry experts. One makes fertility recommendations for a competing fertilizer company. The second supervises the maintenance of about 25 athletic fields. The third oversees fertilization of well...

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