About Lynn

Agronomist, Plant Pathology, Nematode Analysis, Plant Disorder Consultant, Nutrient Recommendations and Expert Court Consultant as well as Horticultural Consultant to all facets of the Industry from Turf, Nursery, Farm, Interior & Exterior Landscaping, etc.

45 Years of Experience

​Tropical Plant and Soil Expert

About Me

​Lynn is an expert in the industry, as well as a hands-on consultant and has been a star class speaker for many facets of the industry from Day Lilies to Palm Trees to farms or anything or anywhere you can think of!

Throw a dart on the map of the world- he has probably been there! Awards don’t exist for this unique amazing individual. Lynn is unparalleled in his profession and tirelessly and dedicatedly works to help everyone who needs it. We are here to improve and save the agricultural and horticultural communities across the world.

Curriculum Vitae


Duke University, Durham North Carolina
Majored in Biology & Chemistry-
Worked in Cancer Research Unit, Duke University Hospital

Jacksonville University, Jacksonville, Florida
Majored in Biology & Chemistry
President and Founder, Environmental Action Group

Professional Experience

President – Lynn Griffith – Tropical Plant and Soil Expert                       2013-Present

  • Owner of A&L Southern Agricultural Laboratories, LLC  1985- 2013

A&L is the oldest and largest agricultural testing and consulting firm in Florida.  A&L Southern is part of the largest chain of agricultural testing labs in the United States with offices nationwide.  A&L Southern provided testing and consulting services to an active customer list of 12,000 agriculture-related companies in Florida, the Caribbean, Central and South America, and worldwide.  I had personally and regularly consulted for clients in 33 countries around the world and continue to do so with my new company.

  • Technical Field Representative     1980- 1985

A&L Southern Agricultural Laboratories, Inc. Ft. Lauderdale FL       

Prior to 1980

  • Landscape Maintenance Foreman – Del-Aire Golf Club – Delray Beach, FL
  • Head Nursery Grower & Foreman – Delray Nursery & Landscaping – Delray Beach, FL
  • Head Nursery Grower & Foreman – Gold Hill Nursery – Delray Beach, FL
  • Laboratory Supervisor (3 years) – Florida Department of Agriculture- Davie, FL
Professional Speaking Engagements

I’ve given technical speeches, lectures, and seminars to agricultural firms, societies, and associations regularly since 1982, averaging more than 15 engagements each year throughout the US and around the world.

Most Recent:

  • December 2021  Texas A&M University
  • November 2021 Ohio Nursery and Landscape Association Dayton, Columbus, Cleveland 6 seminars
  • November 2021 Landscape Association of Florida  2 seminars
  • October 2021 Marijuana farms in Illinois and Arkansas
  • September 2021  Seville University  Mansfield, Texas
  • August 2021  Far West Show  Portland, Oregon  2 seminars
  • May 2021 Landscape Inspectors Association of Florida  2 seminars
  • May 2021 Amazon world headquarters  Seattle, Washington  2 seminars
  • April 2021 Zoom seminar with breeders in France
  • March 2021  SC Green  Columbia, South Carolina 2 seminars
  • March 2021 Landscape Inspectors Association of Florida
  • August 2020 Terra Garden Solutions  2 seminars Naples, FL
  • July 2019  Cultivate  Columbus, Ohio  2  seminars
  • July 2019  Winfield United  Seminar  Fort Myers, FL
  • July 2019  Winfield United  Seminar  Boca Raton, FL
  • July 2019  Michigan State University Webinar

Other Technical Seminars include:

  • The OFA Short Course (Cultivate) (seven times)
  • Pennsylvania Floral Industry Association
  • American Hemerocallis Society (three times)
  • Landscape Ontario Interiorscape Symposium (two times)
  • Ag Export in Guatemala
  • South Florida Community College (six times)
  • Chesapeake Green Maryland
  • Maryland Nursery and Landscape Association
  • Lower Cape Cod Rose Society
  • Greenhouse Experience- Cleveland
  • Mid Atlantic Interior Landscape Conference (nine times)
  • Fersan-Domincan Republic
  • Helena Chemical Company
  • Pro Source One
  • Central Florida Rose Society (two times)
  • American Rose Society National Meeting (two times)
  • Palm Beach Rose Society
  • Professional Landscape Management Course (seven times)
  • National Tropical Foliage Short Course (four times)
  • 2005 Herb Conference- Mexico
  • Florida State Horticulture Society (three times)
  • Florida Chapter- International Society of Arboriculture (two times)
  • Great Southern Tree Conference
  • Florida Nurserymen and Grower’s Association (four times)
  • South Carolina Rose Society
  • Las Vegas Rose Society
  • Chicago Rose Society
  • National Arborists Association National Meeting
  • International Agronomy Seminar- Costa Rica
  • El Salvador Nursery Association
  • Charlotte Rose Society
  • Great Southern Tree Conference
  • Interior Business Conference and Trade Show
  • Florida Turfgrass Association (four times)
  • International Plug and Cutting Conference
  • Dade Country Golf Course Superintendent’s Association (twice)
  • Landscape Inspector’s Association of Florida (five times)
  • Tree’s Florida Conference
  • Willoway Gardens Ohio (five times)
  • Northern Ohio Greenhouse Growers
  • Long Island Nursery Association
  • Bailey Nurseries- Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • Connecticut Nursery Association
  • Hulett Environmental Services
  • Pro Tek Pest Control (five times )
  • California Interior Plantscape Association (four times)
  • Gardens By the Bay- Singapore
  • Fairchild Tropical Gardens
  • Harrell’s National Sales Meeting 2016 (twice)
  • Hulett Environmental Services
  • Landscape Inspectors’ Association of Florida (four times)
  • Palm Beach Hibiscus Society
  • Harell’s Fertilizer – Minneapolis
  • Gardens of the Bay – Singapore
  • Ngogolo Greens – South Africa
  • Hawaii Export Nursery Association (September 2019)
Additional Experience and Areas of Expertise

Expert Witness Testimony:

  • Have provided expert witness testimony in agricultural and horticultural cases approximately 200 times, including over 20 times in State or Federal Court. (Partial list available)

Areas of Expertise:

  • Soil Plant and water analysis
  • Plant Nutrition
  • Agronomy
  • Water Quality
  • Pest and Disease Control
  • Plant Physiology
  • Certified Crop Advisor in Florida and throughout the US
  • Certified by the American Society of Agronomy
  • I give seminars twice a year to other local CCAs so they may earn CEUs and retain certification.
Professional Associations
  • Florida Nursery Landscape and Growers Association
  • Florida Foliage Association
  • Florida Turfgrass Producers Association
  • Florida Turfgrass Association
  • Ohio Florist’s Association
  • Palm Beach Wholesale Growers Association
  • Florida State Horticulture Society
  • Palm Beach Junior College- “Diagnosing Plant Pathogens” August- October 1986
  • Broward Community College- “Plant Pest Control 2003”- Spring 1988

Advisor to Senator Bob Graham- “Caribbean Basin Initiative Policy” 1989- 1990

Consulting Clients: Included among the thousands of consulting clients are professional arborists, theme parks, sports stadiums, landscape companies, fertilizer dealers, potting soil companies, international resorts and developments, farms, nurseries, celebrity residences, and other consultants.

Technical Publications

Partial list below. Full list available upon request.


  • The Grower’s Guide to Tropical Foliage Plants – Ball Publishing, June 1997
  • Tropical Foliage Disorders – Ball Publishing, January 2002
  • Tropical Foliage Plants – A Grower’s Guide, Second Edition- Ball Publishing, 2007
  • Disorders of Tropical Plants – In final stages of completion

Grower Information/Specific Crop Info

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  5. “Growing Chamaedoreas”- Florida Nurseryman, Sept. 1983
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  7. “Tips on Growing Dracaena ‘Massangeana’ Cane”- Florida Nurseryman, 1983
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  9. “Flowering Foliage: Bridging the Gap”- Florists Review, June 1983
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 Insecticide/Disease/ Pesticides

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 Water Quality/Watering Practices

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 Soils and Fertilizers

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Laboratory Information/ Miscellaneous

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